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Digital games

Crushed by a steel god  (2017–)  Twine.
In development.  More info »

the sky is falling  (2018)  Bitsy.  Play »

rain  (2015–16)  Twine.  Play »

paperplastic  (2016)  Twine.  Play »

Aroa  (2016–)  Unity.  In development.

Unity1D  (2016)  flickgame.  Play »

purpose  (2016)  HTML.  Play »

Octagoal  (2016)  Unity.  Download »

Field games/big games


Field game in which players must quickly find a number of colored papers while avoiding being tagged by others. (2016)

"I wanna play the color game at my birthday!" –Lila

More info & rules download »


Field game involving stamping shapes on targets. (2016)

"Oh man, I love shapes." –Evan B.

Physical games

ChronoCards: American Revolution Edition

With the USC Game Innovation Lab.

Classroom games designed to teach historical thinking
skills to middle school students.

More information »

Abstract strategy game for two in which each player must navigate around the board to be the first to control three capture areas while avoiding their opponent. (2016)
beep bop boop

Rock-paper-scissors but with robot noises. One-player game (vs. computer) using audio capture and recognition, created for Raspberry Pi. (2015)

An RPG for the TI-83/84 Plus graphing calculator I created with a friend in middle school. (2007–2009)

Lost to time.

A gamepoem about flying. (2016)

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In-development games & prototypes

Crushed by a steel god

Stories and archipelagoes. Built with Twine.

More information »

With the USC Game Innovation Lab.

Narrative-based group exploration and exercise game which interfaces with iOS's HealthKit.

With the USC Game Innovation Lab.

Educational puzzle/exploration game aiming to teach programming fundamentals with an engaging narrative.

Related projects

Android app for use with Splatoon (Nintendo, 2015); allows users to track their battle record and statistics. Includes integration with stat.ink, a site for visualizing battle data and aggregating statistics.

Google Play Store: English » / Japanese »

Third-party program for Splatoon; analyzes data from real-time video (gameplay footage) via HDMI capture card to output detailed statistics. Integrates with stat.ink, Twitter, and Slack.

GitHub »

A script that uploads battle data from the SplatNet 2 app ("Nintendo Switch Online," for use with Splatoon 2) to stat.ink.

GitHub »

12-hour semiannual hackathon held at the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA; a collaborative, fun night in which students work in teams of 2–4 to build awesome projects.

Organizer and marketing team lead.
password game

An old hypertext puzzle game. (2008–2009)

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