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current location

hi! i’m eli. that’s pronounced /ˈiːlaɪ/.

i’m from madison, wi, went to college in claremont, ca, and now live in hawaiʻi studying linguistics at uh mānoa. before that, i lived and worked in seattle doing computer science-y things! 🌧️

some things i like: playful media, experimental video­games, altcomix, public transit, socio­linguistics, japanese, ska punk, rain, type­setting, dogs, snow, birds, goats, kurt vonnegut, silk­screen printing, zines, bunnies, liminality, splatoon, cross­word puzzles & pokémon.

here are some links to my internet things:
twitter, github,, letterboxd, bandcamp,, ko-fi

i also make crossword puzzles sometimes.

you can get in touch with me by pointing your telescope toward the “contact” star cluster.

p.s. enjoy finding the hidden poem on this page!

(light switch)