Python script for uploading battle data from the SplatNet 2 app ("Nintendo Switch Online") to stat.ink, a site for recording, visualizing, and aggregating statistics from Splatoon and Splatoon 2.

Setup instructions available in
English, Japanese, and Chinese.
Real-time video analysis program for use with Splatoon that captures data from live gameplay footage via HDMI capture card and outputs detailed statistics. Integrates with stat.ink, Twitter, and Slack.
Inkling font
Font created from one of the Inkling scripts found Splatoon and Splatoon 2 (seen on Sunken Scrolls, in Octo Valley, written on in-game gear, etc.) Also available for download are the official English and Japanese fonts used in the games.
Android app for use with Splatoon; allows users to track their battle record and statistics. Integrates with stat.ink.

Available on the Google Play Store in English and Japanese.
Splatfest data
Raw data from the monthly Splatfests of all regions compiled into a spreadsheet. Includes exact participant numbers and battles won, RGB/hex values for in-game ink colors, and announcement, starting, ending, and results times for all regions' Splatfests.
stat.ink profile
My complete Splatoon 2 battle log, with detailed statistics, scoreboard, and video for each match.
Gear checklist
A spreadsheet of all available gear in Splatoon 2, marked with the gear I own. Clone the sheet and clear cell formatting for individual use.
Inkling SFX
Inkling and other Splatoon SFX from the first game which I uploaded to SoundCloud in 2015.
My Splatoon Twitter. Mostly used for retweeting art.
Real life event pics
Pictures from the following events across Japan in Summer 2017:

1. Splatoon 2 summer sale @ Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo

2. Suizokukaan at Kyoto Aquarium
(July 15, 2017)
Event pics 2
More pictures from Japan:

3. Drawings @ Yodobashi Camera
in Umeda, Osaka

4. Famitsu magazine 12-page
spread (7/27 issue)

5. Famitsu magazine 48-page
spread (8/3 issue)
Beakon guide
A short guide on how to use Beakons effectively.
stat.ink uploads
Daily reports on user agents and number of battles uploaded to stat.ink.
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