.: frozenagain password game :.

hi. this is an old hypertext password/puzzle game that i made in 2008/2009. below is the text i included on the original index page:

I made this for fun. If you want to look to view the source of this page and find the url of the next page, then go ahead... but that's not really any fun. Here's a nifty little JavaScript snippet to paste in to your address bar that lets you skip to the next page if you're stuck. It takes the fun out of it, so I really encourage you to figure out each one rather than just skipping ahead.
javascript:s = submitentry.toString();i = s.indexOf("\"");s = s.substring(i+1,s.indexOf("\"",i+1));window.location = s 
There's no reward at the end. It's about the journey, not the destination. Have fun. :)

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