Installation Guide for thatgamecompany's Cloud on Mac OS X

Written for Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.3, but may work on other versions
  1. Make sure you have X11 (XQuartz) installed.
  2. Download the Cloud installer from one of the links at
  3. Install WineBottler & Wine versions 1.2.3. Click here to download the file.
    If that doesn't work, click on the "WineBottler 1.2.5 Stable" download link on the WineBottler downloads page, and change the URL to say "WineBottlerCombo_1.2.3.dmg" rather than "WineBottlerCombo_1.2.5.dmg". Mount the .dmg and move both files to Applications.

  4. Open WineBottler and click on "Create Custom Prefixes" in the sidebar. Under "Install File," select CloudInstall.exe, and leave the checkbox unchecked. Click on the Install button and choose a path where the "Cloud" application will be created.

  5. The Cloud installer should pop up. Click on "Agree" and then "Install". After this has completed, choose "Program Files/Cloud/bin/Cloud.exe" from the dropdown menu to be the startfile. The WineBottler installer should finish, and you should be able to double click on the created application to run the game!